Let me call you sweetheart.

What’s better than Valentine’s Day when you are in 2nd grade? You’re old enough to really appreciate the message this special day conveys- but not too old to think giving your best buddy a valentine is corny.

At KES, we have an annual event called “Special Person’s Day”. It is based on the book Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch. In the book, Mr. Hatch is living a relatively plain life. It is not until he gets a small note in the mail that he feels true happiness and love. The message on that card?  Somebody loves you.

Based on those three simple words, the 2nd graders at KES invite  one guest of honor to join them for the morning at school.  The guests range from grandparents to babysitters to neighbors to family friends. Young and old- dressed in their red and pink regalia.

The 2nd graders honor their special guests by reading a tribute to them in front of the class.  While recalling favorite memories and defining why their special guest is so loved- the students make each guest of honor feel like Mr. Hatch…. loved, special, treasured.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an elementary school event without a song or two. The 2nd graders sing their way through a selection of Valentine favorites.  Love is truly in the air… along with happy voices, teary eyes and full hearts.

While finishing off the morning with sweet treats and tissue paper centerpieces, the 2nd graders realize that showing someone how much you love them- makes your heart just as happy as the honored guest.

No wonder it’s my favorite KES celebration.

More photos of the 2nd graders with their special guests

to be posted soon!

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